Chocolate Shortbread

choco shortbread2ショートブレッドのチョコレート味♡

I love plain shortbread too though it is close to Valentine’s day, so I decided to bake chocolate one.
In Japan, it is a big day for girls.
This is the day we tell a boy that we like him with some chocolate sweets.
Some girls buy expensive chocolate but I think homemade chocolate sweets make boys more happy.
And this shortbread is so easy to make and lovely with the hurt cutter.
One point: add salt a bit more than usual.

choco shortbread


choco shortbread1今回、ひとつ可愛いアイディアを♡


And I have a lovely idea to show.


chocolate shortbread2クリスマス前に違う抜き型でしたが、海外のブロガーさんがやっていたアイディア。




This is a very clever and lovely idea I thought when I found the photo which a blogger made.
She used the other cutter though as it was before Christmas.
But why not to try it with the hurt shaped one on Valentine’s day?

It is super cute for a mug too.




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