Fig Cheesecake Ice Cream

Fig cheesecake ice cream!


Guys!! You got to try this!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this hot summer!

Mine was….unexpected! haha

I struggled with getting pregnant when I had my daughter,

and it was,,, seriously tough.

Physically and mentally.

It took  for 3 years.

So I thought I would never have another kid unless I went to doctor like last time.

And I never wanted that experience again…

I mean I am so grateful that I got pregnant and have my girl.

I didn’t need anything but her.

Thats enough for me.

She is my happiness.


Surprise, surprise, surprise.

I got pregnant naturally.

I was speechless.

So did my hubby lol

Anyway I was planning to learn surf this year, enjoy summer with my 3 years old.

Then now I have a big belly.

All the fun things didn’t happen obviously.

Because of this big belly,

I feel SOOOO HOT all the time.

I am sweating like a pig lol

And almost time to meet another one.

I cannot believe it.


I need to make myself cool all the time lol

But because of all the sugar, I had beed avoiding popsicles from stores.

And I decided to make healthy popsicles by myself.

This is seriously amazing.


200g cream cheese(room temperature)

200g Greek yogurt

2tbsp honey

a little bit of cinnamon

2 figs sliced

Just mix all together, add as much as cinnamon you like.

Put the fig slice in a popsicle mold.

And then divide the ice cream mixture to the mold.

Place the popsicle sticks in the middle of it.

Put them in the freezer and leave it over night(at least 6hours).


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