Ginger and Treacle Traybake

ginger cake


ginger cake1またまた大好きなジンジャーのケーキ。



One of my favourite cake, ginger and treacle traybake.
I have written another kind of gingerbread before.
This traybake is a bit lighter than the other one.
Most of the ingredients are the same though.

This is great without icing too.
But this time, I put icing and stem ginger to decorate.
It is easy to find stem ginger in UK, but in Japan.
Sometimes the peacock(supermarket in Japan) sell Waitrose’s things, and the one I used this time was the Waitrose’s one.
However it is very easy to make stem ginger at home too.


ginger cake2実はこのケーキ、近所のワンちゃん友達(みんな私のおじいちゃん、おばあちゃん、もしくはお父さん、お母さん世代なのですが笑)とバーベキューをやったのですが、そのときの差し入れ♪




やっぱりスパイスがたっぷり利いているケーキはいいわ〜 大好き♡


I baked this traybake for my friends who I meet at a park with my dog every day.
They are like my grand parents age though they are very very nice to me always.
We had BBQ party the other day, so I brought this cake for them.

They enjoyed this cake a lot, that made me very happy :)



Anyway…. I loooooooove these type of spiced cake!



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