Homemade Granola

homemade granola最近はやりのグラノーラ。

最初に教えてもらったとき、レシピはなく、全て適当w ( さすがイギリス!笑)

Recently granola is popular for breakfast in Japan.
Granola’s popularity came from ‘bills’ ; the famous restaurant in Sydney for the best breakfast in the world.
bills opened in Japan a few years ago and there is still a long queue for the best breakfast!
Most people order pancakes but recently granola is becoming popular.
And now we can find a few homemade granola shops in Tokyo.

Anyway I never thought I could make granola at home till I worked at a hotel in England. At this hotel, they make granola and muesli. That was a part of my job.

The first time the chef taught me how to make granola, there was no recipe. So it was difficult for me to make the same taste every time. After a while, I looked for a recipe.
From that recipe, I worked on it so many times, then finally I made my own recipe.


作り方はとにかく簡単で、オーツ麦とクルミやアーモンドなどの好みのナッツを混ぜ、 そこに蜂蜜、メープルシロップ、オイルを入れてよく混ぜ、それをオーブンで焼くだけです。 ただ、何度かオーブンをあけ、全体を混ぜてむらをなくします。

It is so easy to make, just mix oats and nuts, then add honey and maple syrup, oil. And put in the oven for a while. But there is a tip, you have to mix few times while you bake it. Otherwise some part gets burn!




It smells so good every time when I open the oven and…

homemade granola2僕の分はありませんか?

Can I have some?


After a while he realized that I wouldn’t give him, so he started to have a nap in the kitchen. homemade granola3

そうこうしているうちに完成! あとはドライフルーツを混ぜて。。。

Aaaaaaand here we go! Just mix some dry fruits…

homemade granola1


homemade granola4   homemade granola5

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