Raspberry Brownie

raspberry brownies前の記事で、私の中の最高のブラウニーを紹介しましたが、こちらのブラウニーもまたとっても美味しくて。。。

I have wrote about the best brownies but this is really good too.
One of my friend who lives in NZ baked her raspberry brownie then introduced them on her blog.
When I saw her blog it must be sooooo good! Raspberry and chocolate are the great combination.
So I baked it.


Although it is so good, I need to put so much butter n sugar for this brownie too.
I don’t even want to think about the calories….lol

raspberry brownies1

raspberry brownies2ラズベリーソースとバニラアイスぞえ♡

With raspberry sauce n vanilla ice cream…..hmmm yummy!






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