Summer Pudding Recipe

Summer pudding is a traditional British Pudding.

It is very simple yet very tasty.

You would like it I promise!

This cute little pudding is made with bread and summer berries.

The person made this is genius!!


500g summer berries
2tbsp granulated sugar
4-6 thin sliced bread(remove the crust)

Pudding basin is ideal but you can also use big mag!

Butter and sugar on the basin and leave it in the fridge.

Make berry compote.

Put the fruits in a pan and add sugar.

Leave it for a while and simmer gently till dissolve the sugar.

Do not over cook, fruits have to be soft but still have shape.

Remove from the heat.

Divide the fruits and juice.

Cut the bread to fit the basin.

Put the bread into juice and let it soak.

Then line with the juicy bread and put the fruits in it,

and covered with remaining bread.

Place in a fridge over night with weight on top of the pudding to press down.

Turn out and serve with cream or Greek yogurt!

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